This whole project is about slowing everything down. We live in a culture where rush rush RUSH dominates the mainstream psychology. Life can and should be slowed down so we can examine what it is we are really doing. Are we in synch with our world? Are we in synch with our own selves? This project dives into this universal problem with the desire to pause and examine reality in its primitive bare units.

SLOMO VIDEO is truly the best theater experience ever. In Cinema, people congregate in front of a screen and some audio speakers and literally ponder another reality for 120 minutes. We may never fully understand why humans do this. But they do... and religiously. The theatrical experience of watching 120 one minute slow motion videos back to back could possibly be akin to a full-on zen state... imagine an audience mesmerized by essential moments of reality that we rarely "see" because our eyes and mind don't flicker that fast.

Our brains are not geared to accept reality at odd paces, so when we experience a much slowed down reality, our brain struggles to make sense of it. This, my friend, is a trip! Let alone 120 different odd-paced realities from a diverse group of personalities, SLOMO VIDEO is a guaranteed journey through time and space... and you don't even have to strip and sit in a deprivation tank.

Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.
Douglas Adams (1952 - 2001)