The SLOMO VIDEO FESTIVAL & DVD is a non-profit art project produced by Ryan Junell Projects. All donations are tax deductible through the 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor Fractured Atlas.


There are three main components to this project: (1) VIDEO FESTIVAL, (2) DVD, and (3) WEBSITE.

The FESTIVAL will tour for a year (Fall 2005 thru Fall 2006) around the globe to universities, theaters, art galleries and underground clubs. The DVD is a perfect inexpensive media artifact. It will pass through many hands, pop-up in random party shuffle mode at events and concerts, and possibly even find itself in the center of a protagonist's nightmare in an arty independent horror film (because of the flexible copyright license provided by Creative Commons). The WEBSITE will host all 120 final entries and draw in the largest viewership. High-visibility banner ads and increased hit rates due to web cross-linking are more great reasons our sponsors will experience concrete return on investment.


The SLOMO VIDEO & DVD project is a fun, artistic, 2 hour experience in time that will attract a diverse array of people from around the world. These people have an ear to the ground, are technologically sophisticated, enjoy challenging conventional boundaries, and are trend-setters. After a fullyear of touring, these 120 slow motion videos will be scorched into the retinas of perhaps tens of thousands of people. The audience will be exponentially expanded through the DVD and WEBSITE.


We are actively accepting proposals for sponsorships from: hardware and software manufacturers; entertainment and lifestyle publications; beverage and food manufacturers; and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Slow down you move to fast. You've got to make the morning last.
Simon & Garfunkle